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1 - Resources by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.

Harville Hendrix has a wonderful ability to explain how one’s family of origin plays a critical role in shaping intimate relationships and how the unconscious influences the selection of a person to marry. For additional books and audio tapes go to

• Keeping the Love You Find... A Personal Guide. For single persons and couples willing to learn about and deal with the “baggage” we all bring into intimate relationships.

• Getting the Love You Want... A Guide for Couples. For those seeking to get through communication blocks to deeper intimacy and greater satisfaction in their marriage.

• The Couples Companion... Meditations and Exercises for Married Couple. It is significant that this psychologist believes relationship skills are not enough to solve all the difficulties of marriage. Learning to incorporate daily prayer--and God’s help--into your marriage may be the most important lesson of all.

• Giving the Love That Heals.. .A guide for Parents. Excellent ideas about parenting.

2 - Excellent follow-ups to marriage preparation:

• Foundations: A Newsletter for Newly Married Couples. (Published six times per year.)
P.O. Box 1632
Portland ME 04104-1632

• Marriage Magazine

3 - Resources for “mixed religion” couples.

Go to & click on “Free Stuff” and find “Couples of Different Faith Traditions.”

4 - Information about natural methods of family planning and fertility awareness:

• Family Planning: A Guide for Exploring the Issues by Charles & Elizabeth Balsam Liguori Publications, Liguori MO 63057

• American Academy of Natural Family Planning. Phone: 775-827-2500

5 - Seeking a professional therapist?

The Institute for Relationship Therapy in New York will provide a listing of therapists in your area who are certified in the Imago Relationship theory of Harville Hendrix. Phone 1-800-729¬1121 or

6 - Resources for learning more about Catholicism:

• How To Survive Being Married To A Catholic, 1986, Liguori Publications. 1-800-464-2555.

• Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994, Liguori Publications.

• Catholicism, 1994, McBrien, HarperCollins

7 - Resources for praying together.

• A Prayer Book for Engaged Couples, by Austin Fleming, Liturgical Training Pub. Phone 1-800-933-1800.

• When Couples Pray Together: Creating Intimacy and the Spiritual Wholeness by Jan and David Stoop. ISBN 1-56955-108-1

• Night Light: A Devotional for Couples by James C. Dobson, et al.

• The Couples Companion... Meditations and Exercises for Married Couples by Harville Hendrix.

• Soul Work: A Workbook for Couples by P. McDonald, 1995.

8 - The Blessing Cup. By Rock Travnikar, St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1994. Great little book of rituals for many family situations.

9 - The Five Love Languages. By Gary Chapman, Northfield Publishing, Chicago, 1990. Wonderful hints for learning to deal with differences in loving!

10 - In affirming the equal dignity of men and women, we can overlook important differences between men and women. The following can be helpful.

Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, John Gray, Ph. D., 1992
You Just Don’t Understand, Women & Men in Conversation, Deborah Tannen Ph.D.,1990.

11 - Financial planning & the Christian Faith:
Money Before Marriage: A Financial Workbook for Engaged Couples by Larry Burkett, with Michael Taylor, 1966.
Crown Financial Ministries.

12 - Stepfamilies & Blended Families:
Stepfamily Association of America, Inc.
650 J Street, Suite 205
Lincoln NE 68508

An excellent listing of resources is at: step.html (long, I know, but it works!)

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