Cau Xin Me



oday across the Archdiocese of Toronto, all the parishes are celebrating Marriage Sunday.  Indeed it is not just in the Archdiocese of Toronto, but many Dioceses throughout the World are celebrating marriage weekend. Why the Archbishop really want all the parishes to celebrate this Marriage Sunday? It is because the Catholic Church as a whole and especially Archbishop Collins believed that Family play a central role in the society.  In order to have a good, healthy society, we must have a good family foundation. If the foundation is shaken then the whole society will collapse.  The family is the pillar or the strength of the society.  It is the first school where we learn how to love God, how to love others and how to forgive.  Especially in our parish St. Rose of Lima, we thank God that we have many wonderful married couples. They love each other and are faithful to their sacrament of marriage, and also they are passing good moral and religious values to their children. The society and the church greatly benefit by them.  At the same time, we also see many married couples still struggling to live out their faith, love and commitment.  Many children have suffered because they came from broken families.  This weekend, let us also remember to pray for these children and commit to support them in any ways we can especially with our prayers.

Many couples are telling me it is not easy nowadays to be faithful to each other, because there are so many temptations out there in society.  It is not easy to raise up children in this modern & high tech world because they learn so much on TV, Computers and their environment.  The society is not the same anymore.  Often when the couples or family have problems, it is far easier to find something or someone to blame than to accept responsibility. Human are experts at placing blame on others. But in the book of Sirach we heard in the first reading today, there are always two ways spirituality: life happiness or destruction and death.  We are encouraged to choose life and happiness, but sadly our world often chooses destruction and death.  People blame society, their circumstances, other people, even God.  But Sirach is clear: we always have a CHOICE.  All of these influences on our marriage are certainly present and they can sometimes be very powerful, but in the end nothing can triumph the human will. 

How to live out a successful and happy marriage?  There are so many definitions of marriage, but one of the definitions which I like the best is: marriage is the union of two forgivers.  In marriage, couples do not only learn how to love, but how to forgive each other.  Communication is also a central role in marriage.  Nowadays people are so busy, couples don’t have the time for each others, and they don’t have time to seat together with their children at dinner tables or chatting away or even to tell stories about their young lives.  We cannot have a happy marriage if couples cannot have a good communication.  In our parish we also encourage family to pray together at home and to live out their faith. Family prayer together is very important in the family.  Each night when family seat together, we invite God to enter into our family lives and our relationship and ask him to help us and make our family holy like the Holy family of Jesus Mary, and Joseph. We can share with God our joy and our sorrow.  Sunday Mass is so important.  Faithful to Sunday worship is very important to the family lives.   

If we choose all of these, pray, love, forgiveness, communication, then we will have a great society not only in our family or marriage but also in our Parish. Like in the book of Sirach today, let us pray for the wisdom and courage so that we may choose life & happiness.

Rev. Joseph C. Pham